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Beauty deo Anti-perspirant 48Hr


Beauty deo Anti-perspirant 48Hr

Deodorant - Sensitive or depilated skin

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The 1st beautifying 48h antiperspirant treatment that associates LHA and embellishing pearls to space out shaving sessions and refine skin texture.
For women depilating their underarms and expecting to space out their shaving sessions and beautify their armpits skin with no compromise on anti-perspirant efficacy even for the most sensitive skin.

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Embellishes instantly and for long your armpits' appearance. Allows to space out shaving sessions and to refine the armpits’ skin texture. Blurs imperfections and first signs of hair regrowth. Ensures a 48h anti-perspirant efficacy even for the most sensitive skin.  +


LHA ER 195: refines skin texture and proved its efficacy in growing hair retraction.
Reflective pearls: For an instant embellishment of your armpits’ skin.
Aluminium Chlorohydrate and patented Perlite: the best antiperspirant and anti-sweatiness ingredients for a 48h protection even for the most sensitive skin.

100% sensitive skin formula, tested under dermatological control, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, alcohol-free.

Optimal 48h Anti-Perspirant Efficacy tested in extreme perspiration conditions. Ideal 48h Anti Odors Efficacy. 96% of overall satisfaction on the beauty deo (clinical test - 75 women).


A modern and feminine perfume with fresh and powdery intimation in quick drying and pleasant texture.


Apply every day on clean and dry armpits.

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