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Hair mask - Dry hair mask

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An exceptional hair care that transforms dry to very dry hair into shiny healthy hair and gives a real sensory experience.
For men and women with dry, damaged and brittle hair. Exposed to multiple aggressions such as brushing, washing, drying, and repeated chemical treatments, who want to nourish and rebuild their hair fiber.

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Nourishes and repairs from the fiber, accentuates the smoothing effect and helps with detangling.  +


For the 1st time a DOUBLE CONCENTRATE of NUTRITION & REPAIR within the highest tolerance textures for SENSITIVE SCALPS
1)The REPARATIVE STRENGTH of Keratin-Complex replaces lost keratin. This cocktail of vital molecules coat the cuticle to fill the gaps of the hair. Reconstructs the surface and the inside hair fiber becomes more resistant against external aggresions.
2) The NUTRITIONAL RICHNESS of 3 OILS OF VEGETABLE ORIGIN SELECTED FOR THEIR EXCEPTIONAL CONTENT OF OMEGA 3, 6 & 9 restores strength to dry hair. These natural sweet almond, rosehip and safflower oil leave the hair smoother and hydrated at the very heart of the fibre. Enriched with UV filters to ensure optimum protection and brightness of chemically treated hair.

Paraben free
Colorant free
Light in silicone
Suitable for sensitive scalps

This powerful repairing treatment is enriched with 4 different cosmetic agents to ensure maximum nutrition. Enhances the straightening and smoothing effects. Reconstructs on the surface and in depth, within 10 applications, damaged hair recovers the health of a natural hair*, supple, luminous , and resistant to stress. Lasting effect up to 10 traditional shampoo applications. *Shampoo + mask


Smooth, creamy and generous, this texture is a real treat for hair in distress. Delicately scented with pink powdery floral notes. An immediate result: silky touch & luminous finish.


After rinsing out the Nutri-repair Cream Shampoo and drying your hair, take a generous amount of the product. Apply to your hair, avoiding the roots. Massage the hair down to the ends to help it penetrate fully. Untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb and tie your hair up in a bun. Leave to rest for a few minutes and rinse carefully.

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