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Body cream

Take care of your body with Vichy products that have been specially formulated to refine, smooth, replenish and nourish the skin. Their velvety texture brings an immediate sensation of comfort. Take advantage of this beauty ritual to pamper the most delicate parts of your body. Treat yourself to a daily self-massage using the preventive and corrective Complete-Action Anti-Stretch Mark Cream to combat stretch marks. Or refine your figure and say goodbye to cellulite using products from the anti-cellulite range.

Body care and deodorants


Vichy reinvents body care

To help women to obtain ideal skin: firmness, smoothing, evenness



Over and above conventional products, this product provides real expert support for all figures.

Hypoallergenic formulae highly concentrated in effective active ingredients, combined with advice from healthcare (sports doctors, nutritionist and gynecologists), to reduce localised volumes, smooth cellulite and diminish stretch marks.