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Facial serum - Serum

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The 1st* Lifeproof Skin Idealizer for a spectacular repair of skin quality.
*by Vichy
For all women, whatever their age, skin type or skin color.

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A repair of all skin quality dimensions impacted by your life:
skin tone and contrasts, pores, expressivity of the features  +


A unique combination of patented active ingredients, [LR2412+LHA], capable of acting in relay to repair the impact of your life on all skin quality markers:
The jasmonic acid derivative baptised LR2412 is inspired by the repair process of jasmine in its natural state, which responds to aggressions by secreting a repairing acid. LR2412 accelerates epidermal repair and improves the skin's ability to protect itself.
For the first time, LR2412 is coupled with LHA, a derivate of salicylic acid that stimulates cellular renewal in tired skin. It also allows reducing pigmentary flaws at the surface thanks to its targeted exfoliating effect. It improves the quality of the complexion by increasing the reflection of light on the surface of the skin.
Together, those two powerful active ingredients act on all the markers of skin quality: they improve the skin texture by acting on the markers of the skin surface. Moreover, it has an action on skin color and complexion markers. Finally, the association of LR2412 and LHA also acts on the markers of the bounce of the skin.

For all skin types, even sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic formula, paraben-free, tested under dermatological control on sensitive skin. With soothing and regenerating Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

A spectacular repair of skin quality:
- A fresh complexion
- An even skin tone
- Rested features
- Refined pores

Clinically proven even on:
- Overstressed skin
- Pollution and smoke-exposed skin
- UV-overexposed skin
- Skin affected by an unbalanced diet


The ultra-fine and ultra-light texture of IDÉALIA LIFE SERUM glides smoothly on the skin.
Enriched with golden and red pearls that compose the colour of ideal skin, it bursts on the skin, allowing the ideal skin tone  to flourish.
Its emulsified texture leaves a light, non-greasy protective film on the surface and protects the skin from the microparticles that it collects throughout the day.


Apply a dab of serum over the whole face in the morning and/or at night. IDÉALIA LIFE SERUM can be used alone for normal or combination skin and under your day- or nightcare for dry or very dry skin.

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