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Finally an advanced weapon against pimples.
All the people, who have at least one pimple per month.

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1/ protects the pimple from external bacterial over-contamination.
2/treats the pimples inside.  +


Hyaluronic acid forms an invisibles film in surface to isolate the pimple from bacterial over-contamination. Deeply, LHA and salicylic acid, dermatological active ingredients treat the pimple.

Suitable for all skins, even sensitive. Do not prick or irritate the skin.

In 2 hours, 99% of bacteria responsibles for pimples are eliminated.
in 48h the pimple disappear without leaving scars.


A bandage-gel which penetrates quicky. Non shiny, non sticky, non greasy. The hygienic cold applicator targets the pimple and relieves from pain and inflammation.


Apply twice a day in case of breakout, with the applicator.

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