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Anti-irritation SHAVING FOAM


Anti-irritation SHAVING FOAM

Shaving foam - Shaving

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Anti-irritation shaving foam.
For men with sensitive or problem skin (ingrown hairs, pimples caused by shaving, etc.) suffering from redness or irritation caused by shaving.

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Protects and cleanses your skin.  +


The combination of Calcium, glycosylated Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid prevent skin from chafing caused by shaving. It protects the skin's hydrolipid film and prevents rubbing and irritation. Your skin is protected and deeply hydrated.

Its non-drying formulation protects and cleanses your skin.

Leaves skin comfortable: 87%*.
Prevents chafing: 73%* and protects from rubbing: 80%*.
Skin hydrated: 73%*
and cleansed: 80%*.
*Self-evaluation by 15 men.


The dense creamy foam texture allows the blade to glide over the skin for a soft, irritation-free shave.
Shaving becomes a pleasure.


Apply to clean, damp face.

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