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From the source to your skin: Vichy Mineralizing Water, a history of minerals

From the source to your skin: Vichy Mineralizing Water, a history of minerals

Vichy Mineralizing Water is the star active ingredient in Vichy skincare products. Focus on the course of this water with its extraordinary minerality.

The incredible journey of a water

When rainwater meets land in the heart of the Auvergne region of France, it slowly seeps down through the microscopic cracks in the ground where its long journey begins, through a crystalline basement. During its underground course, in contact with igneous rocks, it will guarantee a special mine minerals and trace elements. Its journey takes it to a depth of up to 4000 meters, where it is heated to 140 ° C and infiltrated with carbon dioxide. When it gushes back up to the earth’s surface, Vichy Mineralizing Water has not lost an ounce of its minerals.

A water in its natural state

Vichy Mineralizing Water
is extracted at its source at the heart of these French volcanoes, in a well-defined perimeter since 1874.
The collection point is 15 meters deep, protected from pollution so that
Vichy Mineralizing Water is extracted in such a way that it retains all its benefits and extraordinary properties.
Once taken from its source, it is tested with several bacteriological and physicochemical analyses. A set of rigorous tests (odor, color, appearance, pH and conductivity) ensures the optimum quality of
Vichy Mineralizing Water once it has arrived at the production site, just 4 km from the source.


A formulation under high security

In order to conserve its purity, Vichy Mineralizing Water is transported in tanks specially adapted for its transfer. It arrives on the manufacturing site to be blended into skincare formulas at the maximum of 7 days following its collection.
After having traveled to the heart of the Earth, Vichy Mineralizing Water reaches your skin in a state of complete purity.

Vichy Mineralizing Water : Safety Controlled from Collection to Formulation

Our iconic product

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