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Healthy living

For an ever more beautiful complexion, you need to let go.
A philosophy that encompasses healthy food and activities, fooding trends and lifestyle advice to finally combine energy and well-being.

In this section, vitality is key. Read all our advice (and a lot of common sense) for a healthier life without ties, and more serene beauty at all times.

Life Style

Heading for the sun: beauty essentials for your vacation

The sun, the beach, taking a dip in the sea... For any self-respecting beauty addict, rushing your beauty regime is out of the question – even on vacation. To take care of your skin and stay on top form under the sun, discover the essential products to put in your vanity case.

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Most read

Face Care

Fight end of the day skin fatigue and over-day aging

While your skin may radiate with a healthy glow in the morning, it’s usually a different story by the time evening rolls around. Looking for a way to fight those everyday signs of fatigue that can sap the youthful radiance from your skin? Read on for advice from our expert.

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Life Style

How to beat behavior-related aging

How do our day-to-day behaviors affect skin and what can we do to stave off their effects without making life more complicated? Our skin expert, Patricia Pineau, Scientific communication Director at L’Oréal Research, gives us her tips.

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