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Rid skin of pimples and blackheads: the best way to cleanse

Rid skin of pimples and blackheads: the best way to cleanse

You already know that cleaning oily, acne-prone skin is vital. But while you might feel the need to go into battle against shine and oil, scrubbing your face too harshly can actually make matters worse. Try these 3 skin-cleansing tips.

Tip No. 1: remove makeup carefully

Removing makeup can feel like one of those thankless tasks – all too often, we’re just not in the mood. But it’s essential for the health and vitality of your skin, especially if it’s oily or acne-prone. Pharmacy skin specialist Loubna Id Said has some advice: “If your makeup is light, use a micellar solution. This is a great way to remove makeup from your face and eyes in just a few seconds.” For more stubborn makeup, she says, “go for a cleansing milk. But be careful, as a highly nourishing product may prove comedogenic for oily skin.” Apply the makeup remover to a cotton pad and gently dab it on your eyes and face without rubbing. Makeup will dissolve and disappear by itself, allowing your skin to breathe and regenerate overnight.

Tip No. 2: say no to over scrubbing

It’s vital to wash your face every morning and evening, but your cleanser should be a gentle one that treats your skin with care. In the morning, use a foaming gel for normal skin or a micellar solution, which is “the best option for highly sensitive skin,” says Loubna. In the evening, use a cleansing milk to remove makeup and follow up with a spritz of thermal spa water, taking care to dab off any excess with a clean towel. Or, you can use a richer foaming cleanser, but make sure to choose a soap-free, hypoallergenic product. Don’t wear makeup? It’s still a good idea to use a micellar solution in the evenings to eliminate grime and impurities – such as sebum, sweat or dust – that can build up over the day.

Tip No. 3: spot treat and moisturize

Once you’ve cleansed your skin, it’s important to help it regenerate to eliminate any pore-blocking dead cells. Use a specially formulated spot treatment for acne-prone skin and make sure it includes a moisturizer – even oily skin needs hydration!

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