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  • Meta Whitening Emulsion
  • Meta Whitening Emulsion

IDEAL WHITEMeta Whitening Emulsion

- Emulsion

Radiant and even skin. All day-long hydration.
Women concerned with brown spots, uneven complexion or dull skin tone.

Vichy Mag

  • How to beat behavior-related aging

    How do our day-to-day behaviors affect skin and what can we do to stave off their effects without making life more complicated? Our skin expert, Patricia Pineau, Scientific communication Director at L’Oréal Research, gives us her tips.

  • The benefits of hydrating serums: youthful skin in a bottle

    Hydrating serums are full of active ingredients that enhance your skin’s moisture levels, giving your face a fresh, youthful radiance – the perfect antidote for thirsty skin that’s craving a beauty boost!

  • Wake up tired eyes for good

    Do your eyes look tired lately? When your eyes are bright, your whole face lights up. Read on for our tips on how to make sure your inner glow shines through.

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