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Treat signs of fatigue, dullness, and other signs of aging like loss of firmness and wrinkles with the most advanced anti aging innovations from Vichy

Change visible within 4 days*. Suitable even for sensitive skin. (*Self-evaluation by 129 women)

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Vichy Mag

  • How skin cream targets collagen in an anti-aging routine

    Made by skin, the secret to its firmness, yet in decline starting in our 20s, how to get lost collagen back is one of dermatology’s most progressive areas: dynamic ingredients now preserve and restore the protein for its anti-wrinkle, anti-aging benefits longer.

  • Drink it, pop it, smooth it. Discover the various forms of collagen.

    Marine collagen powder, collagen dermal filler, collagen beauty shot…in 2018, there are more options than ever of how to replenish the 1% collagen skin loses every year as it ages. There’s a sea of collagen waters, powders, pills and clinical injectables from different sources – from marine to bovine - to navigate.

    Let’s break down the different options for the most vital skin protein of all.

  • Introducing the collagen diet.

    Yes, you can eat your way to boost this vital skin protein.    
    Collagen, the essential skin protein. The invisible support structure keeping skin firm, plump and young from the inside-out and the outside-in. The protein whose decline is regulated like a timer.  Every year, from our late twenties, skin will lose it at a rate of 1%* (1) since its production slows down. But this happens even faster if we over-eat foods that accelerate this natural 1% decline.  To find out how much the foods that pass our lips impact the collagen in our skin, read on.

  • Collagen: everything you need to know.

    What you’ve heard is true, your skin depends on it. Do you remember being totally unaware that collagen matters in skin? Possibly when you were 20 years old and your collagen production was so high, 75% (1) higher than it will be with age, you didn’t need to think twice about it. You heard the word collagen mentioned vaguely, you knew it was a protein, you knew it was somehow related to your skin’s structure.