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LIFTACTIVLiftactiv Glyco-C Night Peel Ampoule

An anti-aging innovation that targets different types of hyperpigmentation (dark spots, age spots & acne marks) by a protective ampoule glass that brings just right daily dose to your skin. The powerful of Vichy volcanic water enriched with 10% active complex that includes Glycolic acid, an anti dark spot reference active by dermatologist and Vitamin CG.
Clinically proven efficacy. fragrance free

Available in a box of 10 or 30 Ampoules

  • 10% Glycolic acid complex
  • Vitamin CG
  • Volcanic water
  • Hyaluronic acid natural origin

    After 4 weeks*

    • -36% Dark spots

    After 8 weeks**

    • -21% Age spot
    • -37% Acne marks

    *Clnical scoring  on 62 women after 4 weeks
    ** Clinidal scoring on 41 women after 8 weeks

    SKIN TYPEAll skin types
    BENEFITSOvernight: skin is smoother & brighter
    After 30 days: dark spots are diminished
    After 60 days: marks & pigmentation are corrected

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    Liftactiv Glyco-C Night Peel Ampoule
    Liftactiv Glyco-C Night Peel Ampoule

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