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CAPITAL SOLEILBeach Protect - Multi-protection milk - SPF 50

For the beach lovers, spending their summer days at the seaside, the 1st milk from Vichy protecting the skin against all beach factors: SAND - SALT - CHLORINE - WIND.
Its innovative multi-protective system is enriched in Vichy Mineralizing Water that helps to stimulate skin's natural defenses against external aggressors.
To compensate the skin's dehydration caused by the wind, sea or chlorinated water, the milk is formulated with Hyaluronic acid, providing 24HR hydration.
Its hybrid gel cream texture creates a sensation of freshness at application, for a dry, soft, non-greasy finish. Available in SPF 30 and 50.

  • 40 minutes water resistant
  • Prevent sand adhesion to the skin
  • Prevent salt adhesion to the skin
  • +35% hydration after 2 salted swim*
  • Strenghtening the skin against wind

*Evaluation method: Corneometer. 24 subjects, mono-application. Comparison of treated zone vs non treated zone. Assessment at T0 before application and at T15 min after last immersion.

SKIN TYPEAll skin types
WHENAt least every 2 hours
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Beach Protect - Multi-protection milk - SPF 50
Beach Protect - Multi-protection milk - SPF 50

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