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Welcome to your anti-imperfection diagnosis

Answer the following questions and discover the advice and routines most suited to your skin.

1/19 What kind of environment do you live in?
Did you know

The various pollutants causing pollution prevent your skin from breathing properly (tissue hypoxia) and therefore damage the skin's hydrolipidic film

2/19 What sun protection do you use?
Did you know

Sun exposure causes the skin's dermis to thicken. It therefore takes longer for sebum to be secreted hence the outbreak of spots when you return to work.

3/19 Do you live in a hot and humid environment?
4/19 How hard is the water where you live?
Did you know

Showering in hard water areas can irritate your skin. Remember to moisturise properly.

5/19 How many spots appear during your hormonal cycle?
Did you know

Hormones (contraceptive pill or implant) can trigger or reduce acne

6/19  How many spots do you get when stressed?
Did you know

Stress causes substance P — a neuropeptide that stimulates sebum production — to be released through the nerve cells.

7/19  Identify the shiny areas on your face and rate their intensity.
8/19  What is skin texture like on your face?
9/19  Do you have sensitive skin?
Did you know

Sensitive skin can feel tight and experience a tingling or burning sensation when exposed to harsh environments.

10/19  Identify your dilated pores and rate dilatation intensity.
11/19  What is your skin's hydration level?
Did you know

Moisturising your skin won't necessarily make it oily, you just need to choose the right products. For oily skins, opt for light mattifying creams and for dry skins, choose rich creams.

12/19  How radiant is your complexion?
13/19  Identify your brown spot areas and rate their intensity.
14/19  Identify your spotty areas and rate their intensity.
Did you know

Spots are black heads infected by bacteria present on the skin's surface.

15/19 How often do you suffer from skin imperfections?
Did you know

Exfoliate your skin regularly to eliminate the dead skin cells that clog sebum ducts. This will help to prevent the appearance of imperfections.

16/19 How do you get rid of your imperfections?
Did you know

Using alcohol to disinfect a spot is a bad idea as it kills the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria that work to protect the skin.

17/19 What kind of skincare routine do you have?
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18/19 Do you use make-up?
Did you know

Using non-comedogenic make-up for sensitive skin limits the appearance of imperfections.

19/19 Do you remove your make-up?
Did you know

The key to great-looking make-up is healthy skin. You have to cleanse and purify your skin regularly to keep your skin looking radiant.