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10 things you didn’t know about Vichy Mineralizing Water

Sourced in the heart of the French volcanoes, during its journey through the depths, Vichy Mineralizing Water draws in many minerals and trace elements. What are its other secrets?

10 things you didn’t know about Vichy Mineralizing Water

A water of extraordinary power, discovered 85 years ago

Dr. Haller, a French doctor from the town of Vichy discovered the power of Vichy Mineralizing Water in 1931. He realized that it possessed the ability to improve the healing process of wounds. He then began to study the benefits of this water on the skin and so the Vichy dermocosmetics brand was created.

Vichy Mineralizing Water, a unique course at 4000 meters depth

Rainwater seeps through microscopic fault lines in the region of Auvergne and makes its way through a crystalline basement. On contact with igneous rocks, the water soaks in 15 minerals. This course continues to a depth of 4000 meters, for many thousands of years before it then resumes its path in reverse – in just a few weeks. Vichy water is collected at its source at a depth of 15 meters.

Water heated to 140 ° C.

During its long underground route, Vichy Mineralizing Water is heated naturally. When it reaches 4000 meters deep, it attains 140 ° C and is infused with carbon dioxide.

Vichy water, exceptional minerality

It is thanks to its unique course that Vichy Mineralizing Water is enriched with 15 minerals in an exceptional concentration of 5.2 g / l. Moreover, it is the most diverse in minerals of all thermal waters and the richest in trace elements.

A unique formulation approach

Vichy Mineralizing Water is at the heart of the product development process. This method allows the most active ingredients to be selected, precisely measured and their effectiveness has been proven by many tests.

The water with 3 actions for beautiful skin

Vichy Mineralizing Water strengthens regenerates and balances the skin. Its many virtues allow the skin to be better equipped to fight internal and external aggressors (UV, pollution ...).

Safety as a course of action

Upon its collection, Vichy Mineralizing Water is strictly controlled so that it remains pure and untouched. To ensure their effectiveness, all the formulas are evaluated under dermatological control.

Stronger skin with Vichy

Owing to its formulation and mineral wealth, Vichy Water allows us to provide the skin with more strength to fight daily enemies such as pollution and UV.

Vichy Mineralizing Water, soothing for sensitive skin

It has the power to calm irritation reactions. It helps to soothe and relieve damaged, even sensitive skin.

The star active ingredient of Vichy products

Rich in its unmatched benefits, Vichy Mineralizing Water is incorporated into all of the Vichy facecare ranges.

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