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3 reasons why it’s important to choose a good “safe” care product for your skin

In order to respect your skin’s needs, and best minimize allergic reactions, make sure your next skincare product meets certain quality criteria and guarantees. Here are our top 3.

3 reasons why it’s important to choose a good “safe” care product for your skin

1. Hypoallergenic formula

As stated on Vichy care and cosmetic products, the term “hypoallergenic” means that the product has been designed to minimize the risk of allergies. In order to establish hypoallergenic quality, tolerance tests are performed on many subjects over several weeks via the application of patches. The ultimate aim is to cause no sensitized reaction whatsoever.

2. Usage tests under dermatological control

All Vichy care products are tested under the watchful and expert eye of a dermatologist, on a representative sample of men and / or women, possessing both targeted and untargeted skin types. Conducted over several days and in real life conditions, these tests serve to define the efficiency criteria of the product, such as hydration, protection, anti-aging, and skin tolerance. At the slightest doubt, the formula is revised and corrected.

3. Traceability of ingredients

How can you tell if a product is good for the skin? What is the manufacturing process? The source of the caring properties or the choice of raw ingredients?
For many years, Vichy has always adhered to strict product specifications and traced all its ingredients, for example with its renowned Mineralizing Water. Vichy operates in complete transparency in regard to the product’s journey, from millennia-old rocks deep in the Auvergne volcanoes to the production site. The first bacteriological checks are carried out immediately on the water’s extraction from the source. Then, the water is analyzed again in the laboratory to measure the concentration of minerals. The goal: to guarantee the highest quality and meet the needs of all skin types.

Our iconic product

Mineralizing Thermal Water

Mineralizing Thermal Water

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Fresh cleansing gel

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