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3 tips to energize your beauty after 50

After the age of fifty, energize your vitality with good partners: a healthy diet, impeccable posture and an effective anti-wrinkle cream. Why not embrace your age!

3 tips to energize your beauty after 50

# 1: refuel with antioxidant foods

We could never tell you this too many times, but antioxidants are great allies for preserving the youthfulness of your skin, but also to assure you a cast-iron constitution. They are included in many cosmetic formulas and you’ll also find them in fruits and vegetables, especially if these are picked when just ripe. Here are our top 3:

. purple (or black) tomatoes: the darker they are, the richer they are rich in antioxidants! This means a high content of lycopene and anthocyanin, formidable elements to counteract cell aging.
. artichokes: rich in fiber, potassium and calcium, they facilitate digestion and cleanse the body.
. cruciferous vegetables (of the Brassica genus): these include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts... You probably dreaded these foods as a child! Yet they contain an active ingredient key: sulforaphane, which removes toxins and reduces the development of cells causing cancer.

# 2: stand tall

This tip applies for all ages, especially at 50, so as to feel full of energy and to look super-fit. Immediately, a straight back gives you allure, slims your silhouette and brings in your tummy. A reflex to be adopted on a daily basis, whether you’re walking or waiting for the subway train. If you feel the pull from your shoulders and back, this is because your body is not accustomed to it. A tip: have a go at yoga! In particular, the mountain pose, which involves rolling back the shoulders, opening the chest and relaxing the arms along the body. Namaste!

3: boost cell renewal

With menopause, hormone production is affected and the skin undergoes noticeable changes: refinement of skin tissue, loss of firmness, dryness, wrinkles setting in... The solution? Counter-attack with skincare products based on Pro-Xylan, glycerin and hedione to increase skin renewal. Upon waking, go for the winning skincare trio of eyes-serum-day cream, and in the evening, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with the application of a night cream.

To maximize the benefits of your skincare regime and take some time for yourself, incorporate anti-aging movements when applying your products. Extend your cream from the median zone of your face outwards in order to smooth the epidermis. Then, with the palms of your hands, distribute your cream over your neck, from top to bottom. Finally, at the jawline, place the skin between the index and middle finger and slide your fingers up towards your ears in order to redefine the contour. Simple steps to guarantee fresh and luminous skin!

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Introducing the collagen diet.


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