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30 years old and plagued by pimples

At 30, you think you’ve seen the end of acne but unfortunately it is back. How to stop adult acne in its tracks.

30 years old and plagued by pimples

Adult acne: getting to the root of the problem

Every single day, your skin is subjected to harsh conditions that can disrupt its natural balance. Stress, pollution, unsuitable contraception, excessive exfoliation and overly rich lotions all wreak havoc on delicate skin. In response to such deregulation, the skin produces sebum to protect itself. In turn, this excess sebum can clog pores, resulting in dullness and imperfections like blackheads and zits. But perhaps skin’s biggest offender is tobacco. As well as impairing skin microcirculation, it also causes microcysts and blackheads.

Treat adult acne: a more gentle approach

Treat adult acne: a more gentle approach

The best way to prevent pimples is to apply a lotion and skincare are designed to correct all types of imperfections: blackheads, pores, shine-prone skin, redness, acne scarring and uneven skin tone. For runway makeup artist Diane, those with problem skin should “use a purifying salicylic acid cream on a daily basis.” If you’ve still got some unsightly blemishes, cover them up with concealer and play up your eyes or lips to draw the eye away from imperfections. “The best option is to give yourself a smoky eye effect or bold coral or carmine lips.” Want a better, long-term solution to problem skin? Give up smoking! It’s by far the best way to rediscover your bright complexion and stop imperfections from gaining ground.

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