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5 empowering tips to inspire women 40+

If at 40, women are more beautiful than ever, they have to face up to the whims of their skin: loss of firmness, wrinkles appearing, dull complexion... Here are our tips to maintain your youthful quality!

5 empowering tips to inspire women 40+

# 1: Initiate yourself to meditation

Why not let meditation become your new beauty ritual? This practice aims to refocus on yourself and relax, thus decreasing stress. In fact, the various breathing exercises help to oxygenate your body and boosting blood circulation. Perfect for restoring the color to your cheeks!
How do you meditate? If you are new to this practice, it’s a great idea to consult some literature or download an app or two. They will help to position you properly and to adapt the rhythm of your breathing. It is essential to reconnect with yourself and recharge.

Every time, sit in a quiet place far away from your cell phone and from all your social networks!

# 2: Change your eating habits

Being in good health is largely a question of what we eat! It is scientifically proven that some foods can limit the occurrence of certain diseases, such as cancer. The ideal shopping basket for the 40-something: omega-3s to fight depression and benefit the heart (fatty fish, shrimp, herring) and antioxidants (fruits and vegetables) to fight against free radicals. So, are you ready to feed yourself better?

# 3: Complete your beauty routine with a serum

If you’ve been overlooking this element of skincare, it's time to give it a little room in your vanity case! Indeed, after 40, the skin is prone to a loss of elasticity, revealing more pronounced wrinkles and even some pigmentation marks. It needs a targeted treatment with active ingredients in a fluid texture that is quickly assimilated, such as serum. Smooth some under your day cream or wear it on its own, according to the dryness of your skin.

Because it is concentrated, one to two drops of serum are sufficient. Apply it over the entire face, using your fingertips, from the center outward.

# 4: Refresh your skin at night

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep to optimize the skin’s own repair process. Even more so if, into this phase, you incorporate a night cream that is rich in hyaluronic acid and rhamnose, effective for relieving the skin from irritation, redness, and to energize the skin upon waking.

# 5: Sun Safe

How we love a stroll in the summer sunshine! Yes – but not too much. As UV rays damage the collagen and elastin, they cause premature aging of the skin. Other harmful effects: the sun can cause the appearance of dark spots. On vacation, make repeated, frequent applications of SPF 50 sunscreen and limit exposure during the hottest hours, between 12 pm and 16 pm.

Editor’s tip: 10 days before departure, in order to protect your skin well against sun damage, treat it with sun-care supplements that are rich in beta carotene, antioxidants and vitamins C and E.
Otherwise, throughout the year, make-up and moisturize your face with a BB cream containing a SPF. The key to a radiant, even and younger complexion!

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