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5 good habits to kick-start your morning

After the 6th alarm buzz, do you finally shuffle out from under the quilt? It is time to change your morning routine! Here are our 5 tips for getting up beautifully and on top form to best start the day.

5 good habits to kick-start your morning

#1: Let in the light

You will have noticed that waking up is harder in winter. Why? Because of the lack of light. To make this moment less painful, consider opening your curtains as soon as the alarm goes off, even if you return to bed for a few extra minutes. It’s a fact: daylight sends alertness signals to your brain. For this reason, light therapy devices are so widely used in northern countries, where the sun tends to hide away. So, to emerge gently, why not take inspiration from this and invest in a dawn simulator alarm clock?

#2: Drink a cup of tea

On wakening, it is important to rehydrate your body with a hot beverage such as tea. Consumed on an empty stomach, it stimulates the expulsion of toxins and helps beautify your skin. Green, black or white teas are all rich in antioxidants, plus they have the added advantage of being low in calories. Otherwise, as practiced in Ayurvedic medicine, opt for (organic) lemon juice diluted in a glass of warm water. This boosts the immune system and gives you energy, thanks to its vitamin C content.

#3: Finish your shower with a jet of cold water

Barely out from under the quilt, you’re dreaming about one thing: a hot shower. This may make you relax and un-tense your muscles, but it is not very energizing. To gently revive yourself, wash with warm water and then finish with a jet of boosting and firming cold water. Other benefits? It activates blood circulation, tightens pores and helps to fight against sagging skin. Go on, take the plunge!

#4: Eat energizing toast

Rather than diving into the jelly pot, prioritize healthy food that is just as tasty yet rich in protein, fiber and vitamins, to go with your toast breakfast. For example, here are 3 ideas that foodies adore:

- As they do in England, mix protein and fiber by garnishing your toast with slices of lightly fried tomato and a fried egg.
- Otherwise, Avocado Toast, as posted by Californians on Instagram, works just as well to recharge your batteries. Make the most of great recipe ideas from Instagram with the hashtag: #avocadotoast.
- Fancy a sweet version? Spread your toast with a thin layer of salted butter and place a few slices of banana on top.

Combined, these ingredients help boost your energy and limit snacking, avoiding the infamous 11 o’clock munchies!

Editor’s tip: opt for wholegrain bread. Containing part of the wheat husk, it is more satisfying and has more minerals.

#5: Walk to work

Subway train, work, sleep... Change things up! If you can, walk the whole way to work, or get out a few stations earlier. Thanks to walking, you get a little exercise, relax, and avoid stressful traffic congestion.

This is also the perfect time to control breathing and de-stress the mind! Breathe in every fourth step, then exhale every fifth step. And hold the pace. Plus, this exercise will enable you improve your concentration and boost your memory.

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