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FAQ: Serum, your skin’s bodyguard, at any age

Anti-wrinkle, hydrating, anti-imperfection, skin beautifying, anti-sagging... There is a serum for every moment of your life. Focus on this protective and beauty revealing skincare agent.

FAQ: Serum, your skin’s bodyguard, at any age

A few years ago, serum emerged into the world of beauty. Coming from Asia, it has gradually seduced every beautista. What it has more of: highly concentrated in caring agents, it can complement a day and / or night cream. What it does: boosts facial hydration or fights blemishes, detoxifies the skin, acts against wrinkles, and even reveals skin radiance... Very quickly, serum has revolutionized beauty regimes for women worldwide, making this skincare agent the real bodyguard of facial beauty at any age.

Serum at 20: to boost skin hydration

Some might say that your twenty-something skin needs no help in dazzling with youthfulness. False. If your teen acne is all in the past, you still need to continue taking care of your face. So, go for a moisturizing serum with your day cream. Because there is nothing like great facial hydration to make the skin stronger, more beautiful and more radiant, dermatologist agree.

Serum at 30: for perfect skin

Socializing with friends, board meetings, a new job, the start of family life... You’re living in the fast lane. But no matter what, your lifestyle influences the beauty of your face. To counter the little faults that can mar your facial beauty, go for a skin enhancing serum that can regenerate tired skin. With a refreshed complexion, more even in color, the features are more relaxed and pores are tightened.

Serum at 40: to slow the appearance of wrinkles

How beautiful it is to be 40 today. You can stay young and dynamic, but your facial skin may not always match your spirited state of mind. In question are the wrinkles appearing at the corners of the eyes, around the mouth or on the forehead and between the eyebrows... Not one, nor two, boost the effectiveness of your anti-aging cream with a targeted serum against wrinkles and all the signs of aging.

Serum at 50 plus: to counter the effects of menopause

With age, we see an overall slowing of the skin’s metabolism. Its appearance is drier, duller, less firm, less smooth... A clinical study*  has even shown that dry skin is one of the characteristic signs of post-menopause. Opt for a replenishing serum enriched with natural oil (such as rice bran oil) or shea butter, which is also active on skin firmness and density.

* Clinical study set up by L'Oréal Research in collaboration with the team of Prof. Labrie of Laval Hospital, in Quebec City.

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