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Fight end of the day skin fatigue and over-day aging

While your skin may radiate with a healthy glow in the morning, it’s usually a different story by the time evening rolls around.

Fight end of the day skin fatigue and over-day aging

Looking for a way to fight those everyday signs of fatigue that can sap the youthful radiance from your skin? Read on for advice from our expert.

What is “over-day aging?”

In the morning, when you leave home, your skin is fresh, vibrant and ready to face the day ahead. By lunchtime, however, you may already be reaching for the cover-up and blush to give your complexion a boost. It’s not unusual for features to droop slightly and wrinkles* to become more prominent as the day comes to an end, which can inevitably make skin look older and more tired. “The weight of the day is stamped all over our face,” explains Sophie Veyrat, Vichy International Development Director. Clinical studies have revealed that skin quality actually deteriorates as the day goes on.

Some truths about aging

- 97% of women experience slackening of the jaw line - 92% of women notice a dull complexion - 92% of women have marked nasolabial folds (smile lines) - 82% of women have wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth In short, your skin loses its elasticity and color over the course of the day, and wrinkles can become more defined.

Want to stop over-day aging? Take action

Is there any way to slow down the process of over-day aging? According to Sophie Veyrat, the solution is to “strengthen the skin’s resistance to the stresses and strains of the day to help fight the signs of aging over time.” The best way to tackle over-day aging’s unpleasant effects is to combine three corrective products.

Here are Sophie’s recommendations :
1 - Immediate 3D correction first thing in the morning For instant results as soon as you wake up, apply an optical corrective treatment to conceal imperfections and give your skin a velvety complexion.
2 - Invigorated skin that remains plump and fresh until evening To get youthful and radiant skin from dawn until dusk, opt for products with active ingredients that combat the lines and wrinkles that can appear during the day. For even fresher, toned skin, use these products in combination with those known for their ability to stimulate skin, fight against the signs of fatigue and combat a loss of radiance.
3 - Long-lasting firmness Choose a product containing both an antioxidant and an active ingredient meant - to firm skin and you’ll reap the benefits in the long run. In addition to brightening a dull complexion, this combination also strengthens the skin’s structure and corrects the effects of skin aging that can build up over time.

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