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Heading for the sun: beauty essentials for your vacation

The sun, the beach, taking a dip in the sea... For any self-respecting beauty addict, rushing your beauty regime is out of the question – even on vacation.

Heading for the sun: beauty essentials for your vacation

To take care of your skin and stay on top form under the sun, discover the essential products to put in your vanity case.

Vacation Beauty Must Have

Bikini: check, sundresses and sandal collection: check... The only thing left to slip into your suitcase is your special, sunshine vacation vanity case. But are you sure to have everything covered for the protection of your skin and beauty on this vacation dedicated to pampering?

# Sun cream, oil, milk... To each her own sunscreen

This is the essential product to prevent sunburn and tan with complete confidence. So for sunscreen, oil, milk... It is up to you to choose the texture that suits you depending on the season, but also in terms of what activities you have planned.

The expert recommendations for choosing your protection factor are: SPF 50 for fair skin, and SPF 30 to 15 for dark skin.

# Vichy Mineralizing Water: instant freshness

Cool and soothing, it restores the glow to your complexion and leaves the rest of your body with a pleasant sensation of freshness. It is also ideal for soothing skin that has been parched by seawater.

# BB sunscreen: for a zero blemish complexion under the sun

BB sunscreen ensures high facial protection against UV while it gives a matte and even effect to the complexion. In addition, its light texture leaves a natural finish on the face. A perfect ally for a beautiful complexion, from the first morning of your vacation to the last night.

# After sun: to soothe and regenerate heated skin

The skin has a deep need for nutrition after it has been exposed to the sun, UV rays being the cause of dryness and dehydration. In its oil form, after-sun can be applied in the shower to enhance your tan, but also directly to dry skin for even more intense replenishing, plus a satiny effect.

# A 3-in-1 formula: to avoid clutter

Because it is essential to cleanse the skin thoroughly. On vacation, go for a 3-in-1 cleanser that combines cleansing milk, lotion, and eye makeup remover so you don’t have to pack and carry 36 products – perfect for travelling light.

# A good shampoo: to keep hair beautiful

Summer, sun and seawater or pool chlorine damage the hair fiber. So, pack a fortifying shampoo without sulfate (a foaming agent that can irritate) in your vanity case. To kill two birds with one stone, choose an oil that nourishes and enhances not only your body but also your hair.

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