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How does Vichy Mineralizing Water make the skin stronger ?

Vichy Mineralizing Water is the ally you need to strengthen the natural defenses of your skin and therefore make it stronger and more beautiful. Here’s how…

How does Vichy Mineralizing Water make the skin stronger ?

To prove the effectiveness of Vichy Mineralizing Water and fully understand how its actions work, no less than 13 scientific tests were conducted by Vichy Laboratories, highlighting the powers of this water that genuinely cares for skin.

Vichy Mineralizing Water: balances the pH

Did you know that Vichy Mineralizing Water perfectly respects your skin’s pH level? It’s thanks to its "buffering capacity", meaning its ability to balance pH in the face of aggressors. Pollution, for example, can be compared to an acid assault, which unbalances the pH of your skin. However, a balanced pH is essential for the proper functioning of the skin.* By misting Vichy Mineralizing Water on your face every day, the skin becomes stronger.

Vichy Mineralizing Water strengthens the skin

Vichy Mineralizing Water
boosts skin resistance against the attacks, whether from UVA or oxidative stress. Specifically, Vichy Mineralizing Water strengthens the antioxidant defenses.
** A great starting point in the fight against the major free radicals responsible for accelerating the skin’s aging process. Spritz after spritz, your skin is stronger.

Vichy Mineralizing Water regenerates the skin

Several actions explain this beneficial effect. Not only does Vichy Mineralizing Water accelerate cell renewal, but it also strengthens the skin barrier and improves skin quality.

* Clinical Testing on soothing effect + POSTER (IFSCC Cannes 1998) + RELEASE (Soothing effect of Vichy spa water after peeling: a clinical randomized study. Nouv. Dermatol. 2003) In vitro test on the buffering effect.
** In vivo test on catalase UV + POSTER (Efficacy of a spa water in preventing UVA-induced catalase degradation. AAD 2006). 
In vivo test on catalase + RELEASE (Effect of Vichy water on catalase activity in the stratum corneum. Int Jour. Cosm. Sc. 1996).
In vitro test on cultures of keratinocytes

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