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How thermal water helps soothe sensitive skin

The use of thermal water dates back for centuries, recognized for its beneficial effects on the body, and particularly the skin. Here we look at why it’s so important, and how incorporating it into your skincare routine can help those with sensitive skin.

How thermal water helps soothe sensitive skin

What is thermal water?

Found in only a few places on Earth, thermal water emerges through hot springs after passing through rocks and soil deep underground. This 2,000 year long journey infuses the water with precious minerals whose composition differs depending on where the water is sourced from- Vichy’s is unique because of its high concentration and diversity of minerals.

The importance of minerals for healthy skin

Minerals are highly important for skin’s health due to their roles in metabolism, the skin's structure, pH balance and optimal functioning of the skin's microbiome (the synergic micro-communities of bacteria in our body). In total, they make up 4% of our body mass and are essential for skin balance but cannot be synthesized by the body itself. An external contribution is therefore essential.

Minerals make up
4%of our body mass

Minerals have been shown to play important roles in our skin's health(1). A lack of sufficient minerals in the skin has been connected to concerns such as atopic dermatitis(2) and psoriasis(3), and others are reputed for their soothing and healing properties(4).

The most important skin-soothing and protection-enhancing minerals are: calcium, magnesium, lithium, sulfur, manganese, silicon, bore, strontium and bicarbonate ions. Many of these, however, are lost during perspiration and desquamation (skin shedding which typically occurs every 14 days)(5).
Trace elements are also considered vital for healthy skin. But the skin is the last organ in the body to be delivered these trace elements via the bloodstream, which is why it is beneficial to supply it with these elements topically.

Vichy Mineralizing Water
contains more than5.2 g
of minerals per liter

How can thermal water help my sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin has both visible and invisible symptoms. Outward signs of sensitive skin include redness and flaking, while internally sufferers experience sensations of tightness, pulling, stinging, itching and general discomfort.

Vichy Mineralizing Water is one of the leading thermal waters (as it is the most mineral-diversified and has the highest content in trace elements). It is rich in minerals (more than 5,2 g per liter) and has been shown to improve the quality and feeling of sensitive skin in the following ways:

1. Rebalances skin
The buffering capacity of thermal water means that it has the potential to both restore and preserve a steady pH, which were proven by test. This allows skin to fight against the acid-base imbalance, which forms as a result of external aggressions such as pollution.

2. Reinforces skin
After a glycolic acid peel, thermal water has the capacity to reinforce skin. It lessens irritation and inflammatory reactions, such as redness and heating sensations and discomforts. In fact, clinical tests reported an 80% decrease in redness and a 48% decrease in discomfort.

3. Regenerates skin
Catalase is an enzyme that helps support the skin in its defense against UV rays and the resulting oxidative stress they cause to skin cells (which results in signs of aging). Thermal Water promotes this catalase activity by protecting against free radicals and reinforcing the skin's UV defense system(6). in addition, an in vitro test proved that Vichy Thermal Water has the capacity to stimulate the cellular renewal within skin.

How should I use thermal water?

It is not necessary to visit a thermal spa to enjoy the benefits of mineral water. A more accessible source could be your local pharmacy or drugstore.

Thermal water sprays have been shown to have beneficial effects on dermatological concerns(7), and can offer on-the-go relief for sensitive skin. If you want to introduce minerals into your morning and evening skincare routine, consider a soothing serum and/or moisturizer infused with Vichy’s Thermal Water to strengthen skin, such as Vichy’s Mineral 89.

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