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How to use thermal water in your everyday life

Did you know thermal water has multiple uses in a routine and provides numerous benefits? We explore how you can use this effective ingredient in your everyday life.

How to use thermal water in your everyday life

Thermal water is a highly beneficial product that you can add to your skincare routine. Its usefulness derives from its origins- natural, clean, fresh water that is packed with essential minerals of varying concentrations. More than just water, this product contains numerous minerals that are beneficial for skin health. Vichy Mineralizing Water is recognized for its ability to soothe skin. So whenever your skin is feeling dry, it’s a good idea to reach for thermal water.

What does thermal water do for skin?

Because of its antioxidant properties, Vichy Mineralizing Water helps to protect and repair skin against the signs of photodamage, which are the result of UV exposure(1). Clinical tests conducted in vivo proved that Vichy Mineralizing Water provides antioxidant action by boosting catalase synthesis, a key defense enzyme, in 20%(2) of the studies participants.

80%of participants reporting
a reduction in redness
after using thermal water

Photodamage manifests as fine lines and wrinkles, and contributes to the premature signs of skin aging. This thermal water can also help to regenerate skin against free radicals which can have a damaging effect on skin. 
Moreover, it helps to stimulate the skin’s natural defences, which enhances its ability to withstand external factors that can be harmful to skin(2).

What forms does thermal water come in?

Thermal water is conveniently packaged in different forms: it can be found in sprays, hydrating creams, masks, lip balms, scrubs, lotions and cleansers. All skincare products contain a solvent which helps to create texture. The average types are usually made up of demineralized water. But when it’s replaced by thermal water like Vichy Mineralizing Water, it not only acts as a solvent, but as a real active too.

It helps to rebalance the surface of the skin

Dr. Nina Roos, Dermatologist

Who can use thermal water?

One of the many advantages of Vichy Mineralizing Water is that it in can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin*. In fact, sensitive skin can benefit significantly from the soothing effects.

Clinical studies resulted in 80% of participants reporting a reduction in redness after using thermal water, and 48% felt a decrease in skin discomfort**. “It helps to rebalance the surface of the skin”, explains dermatologist Dr. Nina Roos. This is because its soothing properties help to relieve feelings of irritation or itchiness and improves the skin barrier function. “This helps to make it more compatible with the skin’s surface, which is ideal for skin comfort”, adds Dr. Roos.

How can use thermal water in your skincare routine?

When it comes to your skincare routine, thermal water is the ideal product because of how it can be used in many different situations. “The great thing about this ingredient is that is that you can never use too much”, says Dr. Roos. During the day, Vichy Mineralizing Water can soothe your face for on-the-go accessibility and it can be used to lightly clean up skin. This is practical in many daily situations such as: a spritz in the air-conditioned office drying out your skin, on the overcrowded and stuffy train on the way home, cooling relief after hot yoga class and when on a flight or other times when you have less opportunity to wash your face.

This is especially important when surrounded by pollution- here’s why.

The great thing about this ingredient is that is that you can never use too much

Dr. Nina Roos, Dermatologist

Enhanced by minerals, Vichy Mineralizing Water has a unique buffer effect, which enables it to rebalance the skin pH which can be impacted by pollution. 

In addition, thermal water spray can also be used to wash your face. “You can use thermal water spray as a substitute for tap water, which can be hard or abrasive on skin”, recommends Dr. Roos. Hard water can even leave trace elements on the skin, which can interfere with the skin barrier function, and impair it- Vichy Mineralizing Water can help counteract these effects. 

On top of the daily uses it offers, Vichy Mineralizing Water is incorporated in Vichy products as a real active for the skin. Everything your skin needs in just one spray.

*Clinical study on 27 subjects with sensitive skin
**Clinical study conducted on 50 subjects after 7 days

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