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Insider makeup tips for a flawless complexion

Learn the tricks of the trade from a professional makeup artist who’s used to creating glamorous looks for the stars. French makeup artist Alison Deprieste reveals her favorite beauty tips.

Insider makeup tips for a flawless complexion

What is your favorite part of the makeup routine?

“Getting the complexion right requires a subtle approach and quality products. It’s all about finding the right products for the person’s skin. And because I do a lot of live shows and videos, it’s really important to achieve a radiant, natural result – the camera doesn’t lie, and if the foundation is too thick or poorly applied, it shows right away and you can’t do anything to adjust it.”

What is the best way to find your perfect foundation?

“If you’re still looking for your perfect foundation, it means that either you haven’t found the right product or you’re not applying it properly. So, I would suggest that you start by watching some online tutorials and trying different techniques to apply your foundation. If you still don’t get the result you’re looking for, you’re probably using the wrong product. If that’s the case, you need to venture out to the store without any makeup on and try out some different foundations on different areas of your face. It’s something we don’t tend to do very often but it really is the best way of finding out what works. The most important thing is to listen to your skin – don’t just buy the same foundation as everyone else; try to find the product that works for you. Foundation is a really personal thing – it depends on your skin type, quality and tone, and how sensitive your skin is.”

What are your favorite makeup accessories?

“I use a whole range of things! Like all makeup artists, I go for the traditional accessories – brushes, eyelash curlers, oil blotting paper, etc. One thing I do a little differently is that I prefer to use a powder puff – unlike brushes, powder puffs keep the powder in place because they require you to press down slightly (which improves the hold), and also you don’t ruin the effect of your makeup by rubbing. You then need to go over it with a brush to remove any excess powder. I also use a lot of cotton buds, either dry or soaked in makeup remover – they’re a nifty little tool to get rid of any smudges or foundation that has built up in fine lines. You can be really precise and remove exactly what you need to.”

What are your tips for achieving a great, natural complexion?

“Drink lots of water! It really works because it hydrates the skin from the inside. When it comes to makeup, don’t apply too much foundation – try to be light-handed and don’t let yourself be tempted to touch up your makeup several times a day! Don’t aim for “perfection” – that can stop your skin from looking natural. A few rough edges here and there can add a certain charm! I always want people to think, “that girl has beautiful skin” as opposed to, “that girl has great makeup.” The makeup itself shouldn’t be the focus of attention. I try to be subtle and avoid applying thick layers. The result should be natural, smooth and fresh – simply beautiful, healthy-looking skin. When I’ve achieved the skin quality and texture I’m looking for, I have a blank canvas and can start working with colors.”

What is your number 1 beauty secret?

“Perfect eyebrows. But be careful! In my opinion there’s no point in having great makeup if your eyebrows don’t look good. They should be symmetrical, well arched, made up but natural looking. It’s a part of the face that is often neglected, but an uneven eyebrow line can completely spoil the effect created by a great complexion or perfectly painted lips.”

What is the best part about being a makeup artist?

“My job is a series of fleeting but intensely rewarding moments. It starts when I find out who I’m going to be making up. I instantly develop a mental picture of the complexion I want to create. Then there are all those “before and after” moments as I gradually build up the look, and of course the final “reveal” when the person sees the result of my work in the mirror, which can stir up all sorts of emotions!” With all these insider tips in hand, you’re sure to become a makeup pro. But remember – every great makeup job begins with beautiful skin.

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