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Our philosophy for the past 90 years, has been true scientific rigor and dedicated medical research to maintain and strengthen our skin as a vital organ. Our key ingredient lies in the naturally found Vichy Volcanic Mineralizing Water, rich in 15 minerals, that has a unique and natural ability to strengthen the natural defense of the skin.

Pioneers of medical beauty and skin health expertise, we have turned our attention in our latest campaign, 89 Faces Of Strength, to further empower individuals with Mineral 89.

The groundbreaking formula of Mineral 89, is enriched with Vichy’s highest concentration of 89% Vichy Volcanic Mineralizing Water and Hyaluronic Acid that strengthens the skin’s barrier and protects it from daily aggressors such as pollution.

As the first brand to research the territory of skin exposome and the external and internal factors that may influence skin health, we appreciate that each person faces different challenges and needs.

We understand that every person’s journey in life is unique, and their skin is no different. No matter the walks of life we come from, or the challenges we may face, feeling confident in our skin is a critical first step.

The campaign’s inspiring concept showcases 3 women, each uniquely positioned and challenged in our modern world, each finding her own resilience in the face of adversity. While none of them share the same story, they each have stood with confidence to face life with strength.

The three notable women include Laila Mourad, who uses her social media platform and voice on YouTube to advocate for health and fitness, Dareen Barbar, an ambassador of inclusion for people of determination, a winning triathlete and a life coach, and Dr. Habiba Safar, director of Khalifa University’s biotechnology department in the UAE, and past recipient of L’Oréal- UNESCO For Women In Science Middle East program in 2015 and For Women In Science International Rising Talent in 2016.

Through this empowering campaign, we reiterated what we have known for 90 years – a commitment to making your skin healthier and stronger at every life stage. Mineral 89 is the go-to companion to help you live your most resilient life. Sometimes all you need is a daily dose of strength!


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