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It’s the weekend: take time for you and your skin

This weekend, block in some time and think of nothing but you! On the agenda: sport, home spa and a stroll through nature.

It’s the weekend: take time for you and your skin

Beautify the skin with a moderate exercise activity

Gentle activities such as yoga or walking will do more than refine your figure, they will eliminate your toxins. Best of all, you’ll enhance the appearance of skin that “self-cleanses” through the pores; Emptied of impurities and dead cells, the skin becomes more radiant, smooth and supple.

The ideal program? At least 45 minutes of yoga or stretching. And if you can, 15-minutes in the steam room. Very effective in eliminating pollutants!

Sweating leads to excessive water loss. Remember to rehydrate your body by drinking the equivalent of a small bottle of mineral water, just after exercising. Then keep drinking regularly in the hours that follow. For a shot of instant freshness, quench your skin with a good spritz of Vichy Mineralizing Water.

Relax with a home spa

Sanitas per aqua, or in other words: health through water – there you have the meaning of the word “spa”. So, head for your bathroom, light some candles. Then run a hot bath, between 35 ° and 38 °, in which you can add sparkling herbal bath salts, or one to two tablespoons of Monoi oil. A soak in your tub is the perfect pick-me-up!

Next, exfoliate your skin with a homemade scrub containing coarse salt and the vegetable oil of your choice: sesame, cumin, almond, etc. The right techniques? Circular motions over the entire body, and then rinse with cold water for circulating the blood.

Finally, soften your body with a lotion based on passion flower, musk rose and apricot kernel oil: relaxing, nourishing and soothing. While enjoying its summer scent!

Take a stroll outdoors

Out in nature, hiking has a different flavor. You come back relaxed in mind and with a glowing complexion. This is because oxygen boosts microcirculation. If you walk near the coast, even better, as you can benefit from deep breaths rich in negative ions and iodine. These elements are conducive to wellbeing, also great for relief of fatigue and headaches!

During your walk, in rain or shine: don’t forget to apply sunscreen to protect your face from UV rays.

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