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Mineral vs. antioxidant skincare: what minerals are good for your skin?

At Vichy, mineral-infused skincare is at the heart of everything we do, thanks to our unique Vichy Mineralizing Water. We take a closer look at why minerals are so important for healthy, hydrated skin.

Why should you add minerals to your skincare routine?

Mineral vs. antioxidant skincare: what minerals are good for your skin?

The benefits of minerals for skin

Globally, minerals are essential for healthy human development. As well as helping to ensure proper bone and organ formation, minerals are crucial for healthy skin, helping to keep its pH levels balanced while playing an important role in cell structure. To help skin perform at its best, it’s crucial that skin is not only properly hydrated, but that its mineral levels remain optimum in the face of damaging external factors, such as pollution, smoking and UV damage.

formulated with
89%of vichy mineralizing water

Mineral-based skincare: protecting and repairing skin

We’ve seen the impressive benefits minerals bring to the body. But where does mineral-infused skincare come in? It’s all a question of chemistry. What you might not know is that the body is unable to synthesize certain minerals - meaning it’s essential that you get them from other sources. Diet and supplements are a great place to start, but topical application - i.e. via skincare - is also key to ensuring skin stays looking its best for longest. Vichy’s Minéral 89 has been formulated with a record-breaking concentration of Mineralizing Water, meaning your skin can soak up even more of this key ingredient’s impressive benefits.

What minerals are good for your skin?

This is where Vichy’s Mineralizing Water comes in! Naturally occurring, Vichy’s star ingredient is also incredibly concentrated: in fact, each litre contains over five grams of minerals. Some of the key players? Iron helps oxygenate cells, allowing them to produce enzymes that draw out the benefits of other key vitamins and minerals, while lithium and sulphur are naturally soothing. Potassium and sodium work together to regular cells’ water levels, preventing dehydration, while silicon and magnesium act as regenerators, ensuring skin’s structural integrity.

That’s not all. Ever wonder where Minéral 89 got its name from? For the first time in Vichy’s history, our scientists succeeded in incorporating an astonishing 89% of Vichy’s Mineralizing Water into Minéral 89’s formulation (compared to around 20% for most Vichy products). Thanks to this incredibly high concentration of Vichy’s Mineralizing Water, Minéral 89 helps to reinforces and plump the skin.

Of course, Vichy’s Mineralizing Water isn’t the only ingredient that goes into making Minéral 89. Read on to find out more about Mineralizing Water’s partner - intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid.

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