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Naturalness in action: Vichy care products

For taking good care of your skin, you trust in natural active ingredients. Focus on 3 natural ingredients in the Vichy care range, and their benefits.

Focus on rice bran oil and safflower oil

Safflower oil: extracted from the seeds of the safflower bloom (of the thistle family), it contains omega 9 and plenty of omega 6 (2 times more than in argan oil), with nourishing and emollient properties.

Rice bran oil: obtained from pressing of fresh rice from Japan, it is well-known for its richness in omega 9 (between 40 and 52%), omega 6, and omega 3. Ultimately, rice bran oil is used for its emollient, protective properties, and to combat drying effects on the skin.

Combined, these two natural oils become a genuine treatment, enhancing your skin’s beauty. They help provide skin with essential fatty acids. As a result, the cutaneous barrier is restored and the skin is nourished through lipids. These natural oils are real allies when undergoing menopause, this being the time in a woman's life when skin is often drier and needs to be well nourished.

Focus on rhamnose

A molecule of natural origin, rhamnose originates from a plant sugar. This is a powerful molecule for targeting the signs of aging and as a bonus: it suits sensitive skin. The value of rhamnose lies in the unique action it provides to strengthen skin structure, thus it ultimately prevents and mitigates the effects of skin aging.

With skincare products enriched in rhamnose, finished are the troublesome signs of aging that hit you after you reach 40. Your skin is smoother, rediscovers its tone and wrinkles fade.

Focus on hyaluronic acid

Naturally present in the skin, hyaluronic acid ensures the skin’s elasticity. The problem: this decreases with age. And the results show on your face: wrinkles set in and your skin loses its firmness.

There’s nothing like a hyaluronic acid-enriched skincare regime to plump and moisturize skin that is marked by the signs of aging. To increase the penetration of anti-aging ingredients in your skin, opt for a fragmented hyaluronic acid. Its low molecular weight (22 times smaller in size and weight) has better skin penetration, three times that of hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight. A valuable asset for even more efficient absorption into the skin’s solid barrier, and action at a profound level.

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