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Perfect skin: dream or reality?

If you’ve ever sat in front of the mirror, studying your skin for fine lines or imperfections, you’re not alone. Achieving flawless skin may be difficult but it’s not impossible.

Perfect skin: dream or reality?

What is perfect skin?

There is no single definition of ideal skin – your criteria may be influenced by age, origin, culture, and even by beauty trends. For Roland Bazin, specialist in scientific evaluation at L’Oréal Research, perfect skin has “an even, regular texture, like a baby’s skin, with no noticeable pores. It’s skin that has no marks or visible thread veins, with a luminous, even complexion.”

Flawless skin at any age

Can’t figure out the age of your new coworker? Chances are, you’re basing your perception on the quality of her skin. According to scientific studies by L’Oréal Research, skin quality is the number one factor in how we perceive age and is the most important aspect of achieving perfect skin. Women with flawless skin are perceived to be five years younger – and up to ten years younger for those with radiant skin! On the other hand, certain factors are likely to make you look years older – sun exposure, smoking, pollution or improper cleansing can cause skin to look thick, dull or “leathery.” Your best bet? Cut down on or give up smoking, protect yourself from UV rays and moisturize your skin everyday.

Rejuvenate skin with a mini-massage

Want an easy way to get flawless skin? Plump it up with an invigorating face massage. Roland Bazin offers his tips for finding your perfect skin. Simply apply a moisturizing cream all over your face, smoothing upwards as you go. Then, pinch skin on each side of your face, from your chin to your ears, as you move gradually up towards your forehead. This simple technique will stimulate your skin for a glowing complexion.

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