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Strengthen and soothe your skin with mineralizing water

Tightness, redness or allergic reactions, these are the signs communicated by your skin when its feels attacked. But did you know that daily use of Vichy Mineralizing Water lets you strengthen and soothe the skin? The proof is in the video!

Strengthen and soothe your skin with mineralizing water

The Vichy test

To prove the fortifying power of its Mineralizing Water, Vichy conducted a test on two eggs. One was immersed in standard water, the other in Vichy Mineralizing Water. Six days later, they were collected and pressed firmly together so as to measure their strength. Result: the egg immersed in standard water breaks, while the one in contact with the Mineralizing Water remains intact. The evidence: its shell has been reinforced by Vichy Mineralizing Water’s strong mineral power.

Exceptional minerality

If Vichy Mineralizing Water strengthens and soothes the skin, this is because it contains 15 minerals. These include :
. Calcium: protection.
. Magnesium: stimulates regeneration.
. Manganese: antioxidant.
. Potassium: skin hydration.
. Silicon: stimulates regeneration.

This “mineral garden” provides comfort for sensitive skin, soothing the irritations linked to a hostile environment: pollution, climate change, stress, etc. Not to mention its role as a shield that allows the skin to fight more effectively against external aggressors.

Vichy Mineralizing Water makes your skin stronger!

video proof

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