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The seven choices Vichy makes for your skin.

Discover the formulation charter behind every Vichy product

Are you lost navigating hundreds of cosmetic ingredients? Is deciding what to use actually a stress? Do you feel you’re making compromises: between a product feeling great or not causing a skin reaction? Ours is a culture overwhelmed by choice, including what we put on our skin. At Vichy, we have one ambition, to help you understand the choices you make daily for your skin – to feel stronger.   Since its creation over 80 years ago, Vichy has partnered with a panel of experts to create clinically-proven products for women’s skin at every age.  From the first drops of Vichy Mineralizing Water, our commitment to safe, effective skincare governs the choices we make at every step as we develop the final products you choose from the pharmacy shelf. Seven principle choices we make for your skin’s health, so you only have to make one.

Choice #1 Offer skin the power of water

Born from a discovery, the regenerating properties of a unique water, Vichy was created for one purpose, to reinforce skin’s natural defenses. Among the most diverse waters on earth, Vichy Mineralizing Water’s combined strength of 15 different minerals means it’s extremely active, regenerating and fortifying. And challenging, since its’ mineral wealth makes Vichy water hard to formulate.  Since 1931, our experts have risen to the challenge of creating skincare based on this natural, pure and highly active gift for skin.

Choice #2 Bring you skincare Made in France

Vichy skincare has been made in Vichy, France since its’ creation in 1931. Producing Vichy skincare* here in the Auvergne region enables us to closely control for levels of safety, quality and environmental standards, close to the pharmaceutical sector. Our Vichy factory, a mere 4km from our spring source, helps us to ensure the purity and traceability of the water, while bringing French-made skincare to the world. 

*Except some shampoos, makeup items and certain skincare products made with specific technology

Every new ingredient undergoes rigorous screening involving up to 100 experts in a selection process which can take up to 3 years.

Choice #3 Prioritize actives of natural origin

We select dermatological actives recognized in dermatology  and other medical-health fields. Of natural-origin where possible. Every new ingredient undergoes rigorous screening involving up to 100 experts in a selection process which can take up to 3 years. All our actives are hypoallergenic and proven to be effective: which is why Vichy skincare is filled with ingredients from Probiotics to Hyaluronic Acid to Vitamin C for example.

Choice #4 Maximize skin health, minimize skin reactions

Vichy makes hypoallergenic skincare. Which means our products are precisely formulated to make risk of allergic reactions minimal. Under dermatological control, we test each new one on at least 100 people to ensure the potential of an allergy occurring is the lowest it can possibly be.  If a single reaction occurs, we reformulate.

Choice #5 Understand that skin is different

At Vichy, we make sensitive skin our problem to solve, not yours. With Vichy formula tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control – where certified dermatologists conduct industry-standard tests – we ensure that Vichy products bring all types of skin benefits, even sensitive.

Choice #6 Innovate on sensoriality to promote wellbeing

We pay attention to every detail, from the touch of a formulation on your fingertips to how it feels on application, and the sensation felt on your skin at the end. To make sure our textures meet women’s needs, we ask at least 100 women to evaluate and give their opinion on each texture before it comes to market. We believe our products should offer a moment of wellness – so we make sure women agree.

Choice #7 Put experts together, dedicated to your skin

Behind each Vichy product are people working to understand your skin at every age. Vichy labs unites experts across three fundamental areas in product development.

  • A team of formulators conducting thousands of trials, to make stable, safe, sensorial, effective skincare.
  • A scientific team dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your skin’s particular health issues at every age.
  • A team of safety experts evaluating ingredients and final products efficacy.
Seven key choices, and hundreds more made by Vichy experts, so you only have to make one: stronger skin.

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