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Vichy Mineralizing Water, a natural resource

Vichy Mineralizing Water has a volcanic history of over 2000 years. Focus on the path traveled by this unique thermal water. A secret that only nature truly knows.

Vichy Mineralizing Water draws its rich properties from deep within the Auvergne volcanoes

Everything comes to life in the city of Vichy, in the Auvergne region, and the story of Vichy Mineralizing Water starts 4000 meters below the earth’s surface.
As it travels through the volcanic Auvergne rock, Vichy Mineralizing Water soaks in its unique properties.  Its origin: the rainwater sinking down through the volcanic soil, slowly filtered and purified over the millennia.
This great journey extends to 4000 meters beneath the Auvergne volcanoes. There, the temperature is so intense that the water is heated to over 140 °C and mixed with the gas escaping from molten magma, before shooting rapidly up to the surface.

From the volcanic depths to caring for skin

Vichy Mineralizing Water is created during this rapid ascent. A trip through crystalline rocks of the Paleozoic era (formed 500 million years ago) where the water becomes extremely rich in minerals and trace elements. The conditions of the mixture are so special and the doses are so extraordinary that the water becomes unique, impossible to reproduce scientifically. On the journey to the surface, it cools and springs forth at a temperature of 27.3 °C. But only nature really knows the secrets of this “mineral garden”.

It is this volcanic history that makes Vichy Mineralizing Water one of the richest mineral waters in France. Its 15 minerals include iron, potassium, calcium, manganese and even fluorine, lithium, bromine... resulting in a truly beneficial water that makes the skin stronger against harmful elements.

As Odile Roussez, Quality Director at the Vichy Laboratories Production Site, explains, today Vichy Mineralizing Water is still “captured at its source, underneath the ancient spa, in a dedicated and protected site that ensures the complete absence of any contamination by surface water”.

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