What is dry shampoo and what benefits does it provide hair?

Dry shampoo does more than just remove oil build-up from hair. We take a closer look at the ingredients that keep your hair looking clean and beautiful, plus all the other benefits the product has to offer.

What is dry shampoo?

A dry shampoo is essentially an oil-absorbing powder, that, when applied to hair, soaks up excess sebum (oil) and dirt without the need to wet hair beforehand nor requiring a rinse afterwards. This handy product commonly comes in two forms: aerosol spray or powder. There’s little difference between whether you sprinkle or spray it, but the latter is often considered to be more convenient, as you can control how much you want, and easily and effectively apply it.

How do you apply dry shampoo?

There are 3 things to remember when applying dry shampoo:

  • Spray it at the correct distance (approximately 10-20cm away from your locks). If you spray too close to your scalp, you may end up with streaky white hair or too much build-up (making hair harder to separate).
  • It may seem obvious, but dry shampoo should only be applied on dry hair. For effective results, spray underneath your strands (as this can also help with volume).
  • To finish off, brush your hair in order to spread and remove any excess powder.

What are the benefits of dry shampoo?

Usually dry shampoo contains some form of starch or talc powder, which is responsible for removing the oil leaving hair looking and feeling cleaner and fresher. Spray dry shampoo also gives you a touchable hold, which can be easily adjusted with your fingers. Dercos Nutrients Detox Dry Shampoo offers these benefits and more as it is formulated to do 3 things: clean, purify and provide volume. In fact, a study conducted on 36 volunteers with sensitive scalp and a high sebum rate found that sebum was controlled for 24 hours on the scalp after using Detox Dry Shampoo. This is because each ingredient is incorporated to make hair look and feel fresher for longer.

These include:

  • A purifying starch, which is derived from plants and contains no water and alcohol, absorbs sebum build-up
  • Kaolin Clay, a clay mineral responsible for giving hair volume
  • Zinc pidolate, which increases the effectiveness of the dry shampoo formula
  • Spirulina - a natural plant that works to purify hair

In addition, Dercos Nutrients Detox Dry Shampoo can also be used:

To cleanse and detox your hair

It refreshes and detoxes locks between shampoos, leaving your hair feeling light and renewed. Hair is exposed to  pollution throughout the day, which can result in it looking dirty, oily, flat and dull(1). Dry shampoo helps to counteract this, and reduce any possible scalp odor, while providing you with an on-the-go detox.

On all hair types

Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, it is safe to use on your scalp. Additionally, it provides all hair types with benefits, not only those with oily hair.

To prevent hair from looking oily by controlling sebum

It provides a 24-hour control of sebum, alleviating the signs of greasy hair, meaning that hair looks fresher for longer.

For easy on-the-go convenience

On-the-go accessibility, it requires minimal effort and time to use. This can be especially useful when you have post-workout plans or in other scenarios when you have no time to wash and dry your hair.

To add volume and movement

Provides hair with volume and texture, especially for those with fine, thin hair, it holds your style and keeps it long-lasting. This is ideal when creating buns, braids, ponytails and all your favorite hairstyles.

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