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What’s “perfect” skin, anyway?

Wrinkles and fine lines are often cited as a primary skincare concern - but for today’s active women, beautiful skin is really more about luminosity and quality than it is about turning back the clock.

What’s “perfect” skin, anyway?

Perfect skin : with Idéalia, it just got personal

Facial skincare products commonly promise “perfect” skin - but what does that even mean? Achieving gorgeous skin means bringing out all of your complexion’s natural radiance and softness, looking incredible at any age - not conforming to a standard concept of flawlessness. With Idéalia, the perfect skincare routine just got personal.
Whatever your skin type or primary concern, bring out a refined texture, an even tone and your ideal glow.

Nourishing and smoothing for dry skin

If dry skin is a concern, Idéalia’s Smoothing and Illuminating Cream for dry skin has been specially formulated to restore deep hydration back to moisture-deprived complexions. The Day cream is enriched with nourishing shea butter and Kombucha tea extract, softening rough skin or dry patches, and restoring light and radiance to dull-looking complexions. It’s also an ideal anti-aging moisturizer, helping to smooth and plump fine lines and giving your skin a glowing, more youthful look.

Normal skin: softening microbeads for a ultra-smooth finish

The Day Cream for normal skin is ideal when you want to combine hydration with a fresh, all-day glow. Formulated with multi-active Kombucha tea extract, it also contains softening microbeads - giving your skin a more even, illuminated appearance with a soft, natural glow.

Combination to oily skin: neutralize shine, seal moisture in

The combination skincare products leave your skin hydrated while offering a light, shine-free texture. Idéalia’s innovative new Gel-cream fits the bill exactly when you’re looking for a soft, smooth texture with a matte finish. The Gel-cream’s Aquakeep® technology is designed to gradually release
water onto the skin, resulting in an immediate sensation of freshness that you can see and feel. Meanwhile, the gel-cream leaves you with a powdery yet fresh matte effect. Your skin has never looked more radiant: fine lines and pores are minimized; your complexion appears smoother and more even.

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