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When stress shows on your skin: how to get your flawless skin back

In today’s fast-paced world, stress can take a huge toll on your quality of life - and on your skin.

When stress shows on your skin: how to get your flawless skin back

Fastlife: how your lifestyle influences your skin

Long, busy days at the office, poor sleep, and strenuous commutes can all lead to exhaustion - which in turn leaves your skin looking tired and dull. Especially for women over 40, the fast and furious demands of professional life can accelerate and aggravate natural changes in the skin. It’s time to offer your complexion the boost it needs to get back your flawless glow. Here’s how.

Idéalia: your anti-stress skincare solution

Unlike many anti-aging skincare products which promise a “perfect” complexion but fail to address the fact that you can have a variety of needs - from smoothing lines to neutralizing shine and restoring luminosity - Idéalia offers all of these benefits, and more. Whether you have dry skin problems and need intensive hydration, or have combination skin and are looking for a product that can both moisturize and keep shine at bay, find the Idéalia routine perfect for your skin and its particular needs.
The Smoothing and Illuminating Gel-cream, specially formulated for combination to oily skin, is the latest innovation in the Idéalia range. Formulated with Kombucha tea extract to help smooth and plump your skin, its Aquakeep® enriched texture releases moisture to keep your complexion fresh, but also leaves you with a matte, powder-like finish. You look radiant and refreshed - with zero shine.

Skin Sleep: a fresh, youthful look - even after a short night

Everyone knows that poor sleep can be a symptom of stress - but it can also aggravate it, leaving your complexion looking grey and tired. Idéalia’s Skin Sleep is an anti-aging moisturizer designed especially to repair your skin and reduce visible signs of fatigue. Its patented formula includes Glycyrrhizic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine to boost your skin when you’ve suffered from a too-short night - giving you a glowing, rested appearance, so you can face the next day with confidence.

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How to beat behavior-related aging

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How to beat behavior-related aging

How do our day-to-day behaviors affect skin and what can we do to stave off their effects without making life more complicated? Our skin expert, Patricia Pineau, Scientific communication Director at L’Oréal Research, gives us her tips.

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Introducing the collagen diet.


Introducing the collagen diet.

Yes, you can eat your way to boost this vital skin protein.    
Collagen, the essential skin protein. The invisible support structure keeping skin firm, plump and young from the inside-out and the outside-in. The protein whose decline is regulated like a timer.  Every year, from our late twenties, skin will lose it at a rate of 1%* (1) since its production slows down. But this happens even faster if we over-eat foods that accelerate this natural 1% decline.  To find out how much the foods that pass our lips impact the collagen in our skin, read on.

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