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Personalized consultation

We will ask you a series of questions to understand your unique hair and scalp needs and propose you the most adapted routine to make your scalp health radiate on hair.

Personalized consultation

  1. Your informations
  2. Your expectations
  3. Your concerns
  4. Your results
1Are you...?
2How old are you?
3Where do you most likely live?
4What type of hair do you have?
5What is the thickness of your hair?
6What are your main scalp expectations?

Select 2 answers

7Currently, you lose hair...
8How long have you been experiencing hair fall
9Is your hair losing volume and density
10Tick the box to evaluate your hair density
10Tick the box to evaluate your hair density
12Do you sometimes find dandruff in your hair?
13...How often?
14Do you sometimes find your scalp is itching or tingling?
15Do you see red patches appear on your scalp?
16How frequently do you wash your hair?
17Does your hair tend to grease during the day?
18Would you say, your hair is...
19Do you frequently use heat to style your hair?
20Do you frequently use dye or straighteners to style your hair?