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Glowing skin 101: how to get makeup-ready, protected skin

Discover why creating a pre-primer step with a skin booster can not only help to protect your skin, but also give you that healthy glow you’ve always wanted.

Does your foundation often become cakey and dry during the day? Or is your skin dull and oily? Careful, pollution may be detracting from your overall look. In fact, it can not only damage the complexion, but also ruin your flawless-looking everyday makeup. Thankfully, Mineral 89 is here to help you to achieve a more beautiful, effortless look by protecting your makeup-ready skin. So just follow these 5 easy tips and glow with the flow!

5 ways to protect and reinforce your makeup-ready skin

1. Start by fighting pollution

First things first. Don’t think for a second that makeup can be associated with conditions like acne spots. This skin myth has been rightfully debunked by science.
However you need to choose your makeup wisely. In fact, studies have shown the exact opposite: makeup is actually able to reduce breakouts(1). Pollution, on the other hand, is related not only to acne(3) and sensitive skin(4), but also to wrinkles and dark spots(2).

For your makeup routine, this implies having to add heavy layers to cover up fine lines, blemishes and redness, without treating the real problem. But now you can avoid all these issues with Mineral 89! This skin booster creates a film over the skin’s surface, protecting the skin’s barrier function and decreasing pollution adherence. The result? Healthy skin to obtain a natural coverage.

is made with89%Vichy Mineralizing Water

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Let's face it: dry skin can really make or break your look. When left untreated, the skin's surface becomes rough and irritated, causing your makeup to have a caked-on appearance. 

Like a canvas, your skin has to be soft and smooth for your makeup to look perfect. That’s why it’s so important to hydrate your complexion, no matter your skin type. Made with 89% Vichy Mineralizing Water and natural origin hyaluronic acid (known for its hydrating properties), Mineral 89 has a soothing gel texture, making it the ideal choice for creating a natural glowy effect. In fact, clinical tests demonstrate that after 28 days of using Mineral 89, skin is 26% more glowy, 21% more plumped and 20% more homogenous.* Instant hydration? Check.

* Tested on 52 Chinese women, aged from 26 to 62, with sensitive skin.

3. Use Mineral 89 as a pre-primer step

Aside from protecting your skin against daily aggressors, Mineral 89 also works as a pre-primer to help prepare your skin for your favorite makeup products.

Being light, fluid and quickly absorbed, it’s actually the perfect first step for your makeup routine, because it can be applied before foundation and concealer without leaving skin looking oily or sticky.

Get ready to experience an amazing feeling of freshness followed by a more even coverage!

4. Choose non-comedogenic makeup

What does this mean, exactly? To put it simply, non-comedogenic refers to products without ingredients that can cause comedone formation, or a blockage in your pores. 
This typically presents as small and rash-like pimples that resemble bumps. Being non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, Mineral 89 only contains 11 ingredients, in order to keep the formula as safe and simple as possible. In fact, one of its preservatives (phenoxyethanol) is the only one allowed in baby products!

5. Remember to remove makeup before bed

Last but not least, don’t forget to cleanse skin and let it breathe overnight. This is important not only to get rid of all impurities affecting your skin during the day, but also to avoid possible blemishes.
Right after you’ve gently washed your face, how about applying Mineral 89 one more time? Your skin will look and feel more hydrated, protected and makeup-ready for the next day.


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