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Here’s why hydrated skin is the secret to glowy makeup

Trying to get glowing, flawless skin, but dehydration keeps getting in the way? We explore how hydrated skin can help your makeup coverage look more seamless.

If you love makeup, you probably know that hydrated skin is an essential part of a healthy, glowy look. Moisturising certainly plays a vital role in a healthy complexion: water is responsible for giving skin its smooth, soft and velvety appearance, whereas dehydration will result in skin that is dull, rough and fine lines. So, it makes sense that makeup applied on hydrated skin will look better, and also require less coverage. Here’s how.

Without adequate hydration, your skin is more vulnerable to environmental factors like pollution and smoke

Why is hydration so important for glowing skin?

Without adequate hydration, your skin not only feels tight and uncomfortable, but the skin barrier function is also impaired. How? By making it more vulnerable to environmental factors like pollution and smoke. These aggressions can result in less smoothed skin, which makes makeup crease more easily.
In addition, your complexion also becomes dry and flakey(1), often resulting in more makeup being used to counteract these symptoms. That’s why it is important to first treat dehydration, in order to get your skin makeup-ready.

How can Mineral 89 improve the appearance of your makeup?

Mineral 89 can be beneficial for all steps of your makeup routine. The first one is to use the booster to prepare the skin, even before your usual primer, foundation or concealer. This not only helps to improve application of products to the skin, but also smooth skin to help have a more even coverage for a glowing, healthy skin inside and out. If you have sensitive skin, Mineral 89 can unify skin and reduce any discomforts you may experience.

With the skin booster, you won't have to worry about your makeup drying out early on, as it helps to lock in moisture all day long. It can also smooth out skin, helping it to look radiant and healthy. Before bed, remember to remove all your makeup and apply the skin booster one more time. You can bet your skin will be less dehydrated, smoothed and red by morning.

Who can use Mineral 89?

Mineral 89 is recommended for all skin types.

Its lightweight texture makes it perfect for oily, and sensitive skin types.

It can be used day and night, as the first step of your skincare routine- booster first, cream second.

So, before putting on makeup and your sun protection, don’t forget to apply Mineral 89.


1. Verdier-Sévrain, S. et al, 'Skin hydration: a review on its molecular mechanisms.' in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 6.2 (2007) pp. 75-82 [Accessible at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17524122]

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