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Hot-weather skincare tips: how to keep your glow when it’s sizzling

On hot days, you ideally need a moisturizer with a light, refreshing texture that keeps shine firmly at bay, while at the same time leaving your complexion radiant and hydrated.

Hot-weather skincare tips: how to keep your glow when it’s sizzling

It’s sweltering out: a real heat wave. In these uncomfortable conditions, those of us with oily skin problems can feel especially self-conscious about the potential for the shiny-faced look.

30°C : no shine, all glow with Gel-cream to the rescue

When temperatures rise, Idéalia’s new Smoothing and Illuminating Gel-cream for Combination to Oily Skin comes to the rescue, giving you the fresh glow you want - with zero shine. If you have oily skin, you know that finding a product that both softens and refreshes can be hard to find. The Gel-cream has been designed with a secret weapon, and it’s called Aquakeep®. This innovative technology is specially formulated to gradually release water molecules into the skin —leaving you with a touchably soft, refreshed complexion.

A matte powder finish for glamour in the sun

Shiny or greasy skin can be an embarrassing worry when you’re in the sun - and the Gel-cream offers a powerful solution thanks to its powdery yet fresh matte finish. Shine is banished, no matter the outside temperature, and unlike traditional powders that can give your skin a dull or even dry appearance, the power of Aquakeep® means your skin will always feel, and look fresh. What’s more, the texture of the Gel-cream is incredibly light and silky, procuring a cool, fresh sensation on your skin. It’s as refreshing as a sorbet, yet creamy and comfortable - the ideal balance in combination skincare. Perfect for keeping your cool summery glow, on even the hottest of days.

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