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Vichy Mineralizing Water is for the whole family

Vichy Mineralizing Water is for the whole family

Vichy Mineralizing Water is for the whole family

Mineralizing water is not just for women... Men and children can also enjoy its freshness and its benefits.
Vichy Mineralizing Water swiftly becomes an ally for the entire family. Proof times 3.

For the children: easy, instant freshness

Vichy Mineralizing Water is ideal for cooling toddlers during periods of intense heat. For example, during a long road trip, you’ll see how one spritz can change the lives of the entire family. Of course, thanks to its minerals, Vichy Mineralizing Water also calms redness and irritation on baby’s skin.The trick that changes everything: place the bottle in the refrigerator (or in the cooler) for an ultra fresh effect on the face. The kids love it!

For the gentleman, something extra to soothe razor burn

This is the zero fuss gesture that will please men: a generous spritz after shaving. With its cocktail of 15 minerals, Vichy Mineralizing Water soothes skin and calms razor burn. Whether after a manual or an electric shave, it works every time.

And for you, ladies, skin that’s even more beautiful

Misting your face in the morning before applying your daily skin care products and in the evening, after cleansing, a complementary gesture that boosts the beauty of your skin. Crammed with minerals, Vichy Mineralizing Water plays an active role in facial oxygenation and hydration. It can also be used to set makeup.

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