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Night cream - Night cream

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The night care able to transform oily skin's mornings.
Adult women with imperfection-prone skin.

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For the 1st time Vichy creates a night care that targets sebum and toxin overproduction at night.  +


At night, oily skin accumulates toxins and produces an excess of sebum which leads to the development of imperfections and bad skin quality. Normal skin produces less toxins and sebum and wakes up to clean skin. Upon awakening, oily skin shows a dull complexion and dirty look.
DETOX TECHNOLOGY: [Eperuline 0,5% + LHA 0,3% + Salicylic Acid 0,5%] + PURIFYING TECHNOLOGY: [Perlite 0,25% + absorbing powders]

Does not itch or irritate, very well tolerated by skin, comfortable, and convenient for sensitive skin.

Upon awakening: clean skin, pores tightened, homogenous skin texture, radiant complexion. Skin's oil production rate is slowed down.


Light weight texture, fresh, oil free & non greasy.


Daily care to be applied at night.

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